Firehouselistens Subs Guest Satisfaction Survey

Firehouselistens is a restaurant chain separated 45 US states, Puerto Rico and Canada. It was established by two brothers named Robert and Chris Sorenson. It was established in 1994, Jacksonville, Florida. It is a huge restaurant chain which works for the benefit of people. The owners also started a foundation named firehouse subs public safety foundation in 2005. The owners focus equally on profit and donations.

The owners were firefighters before opening the restaurant because of which they named their restaurant the way it is. They wanted to see their lives, and by opening the foundation, they are on it.

What is the Firehouselistens Server?

Firehouselistens survey is an online survey initiated the restaurant chain. One lucky winner can get $500 cash price. This survey is the way the firehouse subs public safety foundation helps the community.

Through this survey, the people in the community can get a huge amount of cash prize. You can register for the survey online, or you can take the server through the mail. One person can only take the survey once a month. Those who take the survey get a free entry to Sweepstakes.

The sweepstakes is a lottery type of contest in which the winner can get a cash prize up to 100. If you have purchased any meal from the firehouse subs, then you can take the survey. If you Haven’t purchased anything from the firehouse subs; Do not hold your breath, because you can take the survey through your mail.

Rules for Firehouselistens Survey?

  • First of all, you do not need to purchase anything from the firehouse subs.
  • If you are taking the survey through a receipt; It will not increase your chance to Win.
  • The Limit of the survey is that it can only be taken by one person once a month per address and email address.
  • You must be a resident of 50 State of us, D.C, Canada (But not Quebec) and Puerto Rico.

Firehouselistens Survey

  • You should be 16 years old or more to take the survey.
  • The sponsors hold the right to cancel your participation at any point in time, regardless of the reason.
  • The participants must be fluent in English or Spanish.
  • The participants should have one computer, laptop or smartphone.
  • The participants should have a stable internet connection.
  • The participants should complete the survey within the purchase from firehouse subs.

complete the survey within the purchase

  • Only one person can participate through 1 validation code.
  • The employees of the restaurant cannot participate in the survey.
  • After the sweepstakes announce the winner; he/she should respond within three business days. If he/she doesn’t respond, then the price will be transferred to the next winner.

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How to Take the FirehouseListens Subs Survey?

Method 1- Receipt

Step 1- first of all, you need to purchase something to get the receipt from the firehouselistens subs.

Step 2- Now, in the receipt, look for an 18-digit or 20-digit code.

look for an 18-digit or 20-digit code

Step 3- Click here to go to the firehouse subs homepage.

Step 4- after going to the home page, it will ask for an 18-digit code or 20-digit code.

Step 5- there will be two links, according to the digits offer validation code full stop choose accordingly.

Step 6- enter your validation code on the validation number labels.

Step 7- Now enter your total amount on your receipt.

Step 8- now answer all the survey questions accordingly.

Step 9- after taking the survey, you will enter the sweepstakes contest.

Method 2- mail

Step 1- you do not need to purchase anything from the firehouse subs. What you need to buy is “3 × 5” card.

Step 2- you write down your name, address and phone number on the “3 × 5” card.

Step 3- now put the card into a # 10 envelope.

Step 4- Write the following in the address bar: –

  • Firehouse “customer survey” sweepstakes
  • PO box 428
  • Macedon,  N4 14502-0428

Step 5- Now put it in the post box.

Step 6- do keep in mind that all the Mailed entries should be postmarked by December 28. It should also be received and sponsored by January 2.

How to Take the Reward for The Survey of Firehouse Subs?

First of all, after completion of the survey, you will receive a 5-digit validation code through to which you can get a free medium drink. You must visit the firehouse subs within seven days of taking the survey to avail the reward. You also have to purchase a sub or salad to avail the medium drink.

Secondly, you can enter the sweepstakes contest after taking the survey. It is a lottery contest; if the contestant is lucky enough, then he or she can win the cash price of $500. The cash prize will note be a gift card or coupon but a cash price. They deliver the reward because of which, the company can ask for the contestant’s email address or phone number the winner will be notified via call or email.