10 Dunkin Donuts Secret Menu Items You Didn’t Know Existed

Dunkin’ or Dunkin’ Donuts is an American doughnut company, founded by William Rosenberg in 1950. With more than 12,900 locations, it is one of the largest coffee and doughnut brands in the world. Most Americans love Dunkin’ Donuts due to its lip-smacking menu and impressive taste.

Dunkin Donuts Secret Menu Items in 2022

But do you know Dunkin’ Donuts possess a “secret menu”? Yes, you heard it right. The company has two types of menus– one regular, and a secret one. We will let you know some top 10 Dunkin’ Donuts secret menu items that you didn’t know existed. Let’s get started.

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#1. Nutella Surprise

This one is a combination of two shots of hazelnut and Mocha Iced Coffee. As its name suggests, it is extremely chocolaty in taste but surprisingly there isn’t any Nutella involved.

#2. Tropical Beach Coolatta

This Dunkin’ secret menu item is as cool in taste as it looks. It contains cool shots of peach and coconut. A flavour-packed lemonade is what it can be called. It can help you beat the summer heat and have a refreshing feel.

#3. Birthday Cake Coolatta

It is another innovative secret menu item by Dunkin’ Donuts. It is nothing but a combination of Hazelnut Swirl and Vanilla Bean Coolatta. It has a nice kick-off taste of hazelnut and vanilla. This item is similar to Starbuck’s Birthday Cake Frappe. 


#4. Peaches and Creams Coolatta

In this Dunkin’ secret item, Vanilla Bean Coolatta has given an extra touch of peach shots to enhance its flavour. This drink is too creamy to ignore but can be watered if consumed late.

#5. Coco Beery Coffee

To get this Dunkin’ secret item, you should order almond milk with shots of coconut and blueberry. For extra blueberry flavour, you can ask them to add more shots.

#6. Raspberry Hot Chocolate

This one is as delicious as it looks. Hot Chocolate is like a remedy to all the problems in this world, right? Just order a hot chocolate at Dunkin’ Donuts with added shots of Raspberry and your Raspberry hot chocolate is ready!

#7. Cosmic Coolatta

It is one of the most innovative items at Dunkin’ Donuts. This Cosmic Coolatta looks like a beautiful cosmic world of drinks. It’s a combination of Cotton Candy Coolatta and Blue Raspberry. Brilliant combination!

#8. Frozen Black and White

It’s a classic ” Black & White” milkshake that you can order at Dunkin’ Donuts. One should always give it a try at least once.

#9. Cotton Candy Coolatta

Can you guess its combination? Well, it’s nothing but Raspberry Coolatta plus Vanilla Beans. Similar to its name it tastes super sugary, just like cotton candy.

#10. Captain Crunch Coolatta

Last, but definitely not least. This Dunkin’ secret menu item list is incomplete without Captain Crunch Coolatta. Its a mix of Strawberry Coolatta with added shots of cream, raspberry, and blueberry. The kind is similar to actual cereal but delighting to the tongue.

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