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Dunkin’ Donuts originated in 1950, succeeded by Baskin-Robbins’ holding company Allied Lyons in 1990, has dominated the market ranking in hot regular/ decaf/flavored coffee, and the allied savories for the past 12 years on the lope. Since every industry has its ebb and flow, but this particular beverage is too random to be stable in terms of its customer loyalty.

However, still, the power to domineer remains in the reliable hands of Dunkin Donuts. Its widening wings in 46 countries confer its solid proof. Further, the chain restaurants for the classic beverage have crossed the radius by over 12,600 restaurants worldwide.

About TellDunkin

Being an influence in the industry has many repercussions, such as holding the market share and customer satisfaction deserves top-notch supremacy. Followed by the same, TellDunkin receives feedback on its market performance by filling out a survey form by the consumer who is suitably awarded free doughnuts. The word free and sweet always brings in the heavenly experience even before tasting it. No wonder how much you capable of buying, but if something is coming for free, it brings instant surreal happiness.

Do you like Donuts? How about getting them for free? Then direct your browsers to the official website of survey and share your valuable experience and give feedback to the company about your recent visit to their store. We have even accumulated the necessary information for you regarding requisite eligibility and rule criteria to ease your understanding of the eligibility process.

Eligibility & Rules regarding the survey

Identical to every other participation, hereto some guidelines are needed to adhere to and qualify the eligibility criteria in the Telldunkin survey and win free donuts, which are indexed below:

  • Your minor card must have expired.
  • You must carry the Dunkin Donut purchase receipt.
  • Only a single coupon will be entertained per visit. So don’t expect single visit multiple collection benefits.
  • Within the strict three days count from a visit to the store, you must drop by the official survey website.
  • The redemption period of the coupon is within 180 days from the purchase. So kindly keep that in mind.

A Step-by-step Guide for Survey

Conducting survey reports in a few steps with high-quality, valuable information can be used as a data source of your company and establish you as an expert to improve future projects.

An online survey will reveal your customer’s accurate opinions as well as enabling them to share their ideas safely and comfortably.

To start the steps by step survey, you must follow the below-mentioned essential points:

  • A copy of the purchase receipt and writing instruments must be handy
  • Your smartphone should have a reliable internet connection
  • You must deliver simple and generic answers to the questions you may be asked based on the existing dining experience of yours

After completion of the points mentioned above, we must focus on the steps by step survey with perfect thought and planning. With a well-designed survey, we can deliver the best feedback.

Let us walk through the below-mentioned six steps to design in TellDunkin Survey:

Step 1: The first step to start a survey is to visit the TellDunkin Survey Website Portal at

After opening the portal, you will have a limited time frame that appeared in a dashboard at the top corner of the right side. So, as soon as you start the portal, you must be ready to answer the questions smartly in a primary language within a short time-frame.

Step 2: This step is optional. Here you will get the limitations of TellDunkin Privacy Statements, which you may or may not read. But you will have different options of languages here.

You can select your desired language by clicking on the blue options to go through.

Step 3: In the third step, you must fill the 18 digit ID number printed in the TellDunkin receipt copy. You must be very carefully put these Credential numbers without a single mistake in the appropriate box given.

Telldunkin Survey

Step 4: This step is a survey rating step as per fulfilling the requirements. This step is effortless with some yes-no questions which you will answer.

You will get options starting from one to five, i.e., one for exceptional, two is for excellence, three for very good, four stands for fair, and five is dissatisfaction. You must choose the right number to rate it perfectly.

Step 5: This step is a comment section. Here, you will get some questions regarding some problems you may face on your last visit to Dunkin Donuts.

This section provides you up to 12000 characters for your specific opinion. You can get your customer’s confidential responses here. If you like the ambience provided by the restaurant, you can write your positive feedback also.

Step 6: In this last step, you will get a TellDunkin Validation Code. After finishing the survey, you will feel good to receive a coupon code which you can redeem on your next visit. But the detailed process of reward redemption will be provided by the restaurant itself.

Step 7: You’ll have to outline how you would prefer having your coupon delivered to you.

Conclusion: Following the steps mentioned above, we can say that an online survey is easy and inexpensive. Collecting data from an in-depth survey will give you additional learnings to drive action. By conducting efficient survey research, you can build your company’s reputation. If TellDunkin will provide the necessary attention it deserves, each of these online surveys is successful.

Dunkin Donuts always give priority to the valuable feedback of its customers, which will help the whole team to work unitedly to improve their quality of the food and the other necessary services and increase a chance to uncover meaningful findings.

A variety of available Survey Rewards

On successful completion of the survey, you will be rewarded for your hard work by the following:

  • A coupon code: This will entitle you either for a free donut or 3 oz soft-serve ice-cream, which can behold the right to on buying a medium or large beverage.
  • Lucky Draw: An excellent opportunity to participate in the lucky draw will add a layer of honey to your winning donuts. Guesses are allowed for free. Who knows it may win you free coffee around the year or any other special prize.

Customer Service

We highly value our customers; hence receiving their feedback is important to us. Customer satisfaction and its unwavering loyalty are of paramount importance for every company. Therefore, proper attention is paid to matters relating to the same.

Telldunkin prioritizes customer satisfaction by receiving appropriate feedback and taking actions accordingly. Also, the shared input and your valuable hard work are justly rewarded by free donuts.

While proceeding to the steps of Telldunkin survey, one shall browse the URL and choose English or any other suitable language, and then proceed with the steps by entering the counter codes on the purchase receipt. Though the survey form is quite easy and straight, yet you can always connect to our customer service as and when needed. We will be much obliged by your participation, and will surely look forward to supporting you.

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